Jun 13

Active Shooter In Orlando Florida

Active Shooter In Orlando Florida

active shooter avoid barricade confrontLess than a day has passed since Omar Mateen entered the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida armed with a semi-automatic rifle, a handgun and his radical Islamic ideology. Fifty persons were killed and more than fifty wounded. A horrible tragedy; an act of unspeakable evil and bigotry but I am left wondering if the carnage could have been averted or dramatically minimized.

Two important questions that law enforcement and counter terror professionals should be pursuing are:

Question #1 is how is it possible that anyone gains entry to a public area armed with a rifle? According to developing news reports the shooter was engaged by police officers before entering the club.

Question #2 is how is it possible that a single gunman was able to kill so many without being neutralized? News reports state that Mateen had an AR 15 style rifle, probably with a 30-round magazine. It is impossible for one person to kill that many people unless they made no attempt to attack the shooter. The three responses to an active shooter incident are Avoid, Barricade or Confront. If you can escape, that is your best option. If you can’t and have an accessible place of refuge then lock the door and barricade yourself in. When options A and B aren’t possible then go to option C, confront. Attack the shooter in defense of your life. In this bar every single person should have been throwing glasses and bottles at this cowardly miserable creature. A beer bottle to the head or face is enough to get his attention for sure. Florida is a state with reasonable gun laws. Was no one armed? Not a single armed citizen in the whole crowd? Just one armed patron with the will to fight back may have made all the difference in the world as it has happened in other similar attacks. Just a day earlier, the brother of Christine Gimmie tackled the man who had shot his sister saving other lives. No one in this crowd responded the same way. Fifty dead, more will likely succumb over the next few days.

We are citizens of the United States of America. We are under attack whether our feckless President admits it or not. Everyone in this country must take responsibility for his or her own safety. On October 5, 1892, the Dalton gang tried to rob the bank in Coffeyville, Kansas. They failed because the citizens of the town fought them and killed the entire gang with the exception of Emmett Dalton who survived being shot more than 20 times. It is time that those who would try and harm us be the ones afraid to do so.


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