Sep 13

Businesses Increase Security For Upcoming Jewish Holidays

security guardThe two most important Jewish High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, are around the corner and local businesses are either ramping up their security or should be.   Just late last week, a neighborhood in New Jersey was blanketed in swastikas.  Cars, houses, mailboxes, fences and the like were cruelly grafittied with phrases like, “Kill the Jews,” according to The Jewish Press.  Such perverse persecution is shocking this day and age, but it’s an unfortunate and necessary concern, particularly during the High Holy Days when striking a harmonious balance between Jewish community outreach and increased security consciousness is so important.  Fortunately, the targeted neighborhood of Monmouth Heights, New Jersey maintains a longstanding and supportive relationship with the Manalapan Township Police Department.  The Monmouth County Board of Freeholders Deputy Director Thomas A. Arnone, too, condemned the recent brash of hatred saying, “’I personally find this kind of vandalism despicable.’”

Global Security Group recommends synagogues, schools, community centers, markets, and other gathering places and organizations take extra precautions for the September Jewish Holidays.  GSG is ramping up security procedures, training and protocols for clients across the NYC metro area.  Further, Global Security offers comprehensive training and certification courses for security guards, gun training, Fire Safety Directors, Emergency Action Plan Directors and more.  Global Security also conducts extensive background investigations on all of their guards; an important, if often overlooked component of heightened security protocols.

Unfortunate occurrences, like those in Monmouth County, can be mitigated with heightened awareness and precautionary measures during the upcoming Jewish Holidays.  September 17th-25th should be a week dedicated to self-reflection, prayer and positivity, unhindered by the loathsome religious persecution that still rears its god-awful head.

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