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Evacuation Planning

Evacuation Planning

evacuation planningWestern corporations operate in increasingly hostile environments. Many of the world’s emerging markets are located in parts of the world that are politically unstable and rife with armed conflict. The Embassies of the United States and other nations recognize the need to plan for the quick and safe withdrawal of their citizens in the event of terrorism, war, natural disaster or epidemic. Corporations have begun to recognize the need for the same level of preparedness in the private sector.

GSG personnel have worked in hostile environments all over world and many have been involved in high-risk evacuations. We put this expertise to practical use when creating evacuation procedures for commercial clients. GSG begins by creating a list of essential and non-essential personnel. In most cases, incidents necessitating evacuation escalate over time allowing private firms to begin the process of moving non-essential personnel out of the endangered areas. Local offices can then operate with a reduced number of essential employees making the task of emergency evacuation, should it become necessary, easier to accomplish. GSG specialists will identify secure rally points within each country where employees would be escorted to in the event of an emergency. Each will be fortified against forced entry, armed assault and attack by unconventional means. All locations will be stocked with provisions, medical supplies and have secure, satellite based communications. GSG tactical teams will provide protection at those sites (sometimes it will be sufficient to “hunker down” during brief periods of unease and these sites will serve that function as well). If evacuation protocols must be implemented, personnel will be evacuated under guard from the rally sites and escorted to a predetermined place of safety. The preferred means of evacuation is by helicopter but ground transportation in heavily armored vehicles or evacuation by sea may also be indicated depending upon location, the nature of the incident and other variables.

GSG will create company-specific emergency evacuation protocols and execute those procedures under the protection of elite and heavily armed security teams. Global will:

  • Identify essential and non-essential personnel.
  • Assist in the evacuation of non-essential personnel in the pre-evacuation phase.
  • Alert all corporate employees of an impending evacuation via secure communications network.
  • Provide armed escort of personnel to rally point.
  • Provide emergency transport of personnel to safe haven.
  • Address any medical emergencies.
  • Identify and attempt to locate and extract any personnel not able to reach the rally point.
  • Secure critical sites as needed.
  • Provide transportation and protection upon return once the crisis has abated.

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