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FDNY Requires All Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors To Attend Active Shooter Course Before October 2017

FDNY Requires All Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors To Attend Active Shooter Course Before October 2017

All current Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors are required to attend a new Active Shooter / Emergency Medical Preparedness course before October 2017. After completion of the this course attendees will be issued a new Fire Life Safety Director Certificate of Fitness (F-89). All F-58 Fire Safety Directors and F-59 Emergency Action Plan Director certificates of fitness will no longer be valid after September 2017.

Global Security Group, Inc. (GSG) has been teaching Fire and Life Safety (FLS) to office and hotel personnel in New York State since 2001. We are an FDNY accredited school with a convenient midtown office location and a diverse range of course offerings. Our instructors have unique experience not offered by any other schools, particularly with respect to Active Shooter response training. GSG instructors are former US Federal Agents and senior officers from the NYPD and are highly regarded experts in training both law enforcement officers and civilians in Active Shooter response. GSG trainers have provided Active Shooter training to thousands of individuals in the private sector in New York City and across the United States. No other provider of Fire and Life Safety Training in New York City can match that claim. In fact, most Fire Safety instructors who will be teaching the Active Shooter protocols promulgated by the FDNY will be simply reading slides from a PowerPoint and have no independent experience with respect to the subject. Our instructors are actual experts with real-world experience.

Global Security Group, Inc. consultants have written the Fire and Life Safety plans for over 1,000 buildings in New York City, and we actively train building staff in emergency action procedures including Active Shooter response.

Group of ten or more people can schedule private classes – choose your own date and time. To learn more about our newest Fire Life Safety Director course visit our website and register online.

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Read our press release: https://www.prlog.org/12584306-fdny-to-require-all-fire-life-safety-directors-fls-to-attend-active-shooter-class.html