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Corporate Active Shooter Response Training

Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT)

active shooter medical emergencies training videosAccording to the FBI, Active Shooter Incidents are on the rise and private sector companies are urged to provide response training to their employees. Global Security Group, Inc. (GSG) is the nation’s leading provider of corporate Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT) and our team of former US federal agents and senior NYPD officers has trained hundreds of corporate and governmental clients across the country. Our clients include Fortune 500 firms, financial institutions, major television news and entertainment networks, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, retailers, law firms, houses of worship and mega-churches, convention centers, universities, schools, hospitals and government buildings.

Program content includes:

  • Definition of an Active Shooter
  • Intervention Strategies / Preventative Measures
  • Notification / Alert Procedures
  • Importance of Individual Initiative
  • Overcoming the Effects of Extreme Stress / Fear
  • Identifying the Sound, Location & Direction of Gunfire
  • Information to Provide while Calling 911
  • What to Expect when Law Enforcement Arrives
  • Survival Strategies & How to Decide which to Employ


  • Escape Strategies (Visualization)
  • Identifying the Sound & Direction of Gunfire
  • How to Exit the Scene Safely
  • Determining the Safety of Exit Routes & Stairwells


  • Proper Barricade Techniques
  • Securing a Location Quickly and Effectively
  • Identifying the Safest Areas in a Barricaded Room
  • Cover vs. Concealment
  • Understanding Basic Ballistics
  • Ballistic Protection Provided by Interior Walls, Office Furniture / Equipment / Doors / Filing Cabinets etc.


  • Tactics Needed to Survive a Violent Encounter
  • Psychology of the Shooter
  • Use of Improvised Weapons
  • Disabling an Attacker’s Weapon

Active Shooter Threat Recognition (ASTR)

FBI research reveals that close to 100% of Active Shooter Incidents in the workplace are perpetrated by former or current employees. An NYPD study echoed this conclusion and stressed the importance of prevention, urging employers to encourage prompt reporting of potentially violent employees. A study by the US Secret Service went further and identified a number of actions, behaviors, personality traits, stressors and triggers exhibited by Active Shooters and other violent persons. GSG has used this combined data as well as materials from other law enforcement sources to develop a comprehensive program designed to help employers prevent acts of violence by teaching them to recognize risk factors and other warning signs common to violent actors. GSG has created a comprehensive 50 (+) point Threat Assessment Checklist to help supervisors, managers and HR personnel in this process.

The training program includes:

  • Risk of Violence Behavioral Indicators
  • Creating a Zero Tolerance Violence Policy
  • Identifying Grievances (Real or Imagined)
  • Fixations
  • Recognizing Mental Health Issues
  • Anger Management Issues
  • Aggressive Narcissism
  • Assessing Employee Communications
  • Contacts with Law Enforcement
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Fascination with Weapons or Violent Incidents
  • Stressors / Triggers
  • Recognizing & Documenting Concerning Behavior
  • Importance of Monitoring Social Media
  • Domestic Violence Issues & the Workplace
  • Using the Assessment Checklist
  • Early Law Enforcement Involvement
  • Limitations of Law Enforcement & the CJS
  • Cameras & Access Control
  • Awareness Training
  • Use of Private Security in Response to Threat


David S. Katz is the founder and CEO of Global Security Group. A former senior Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), he is an expert in conducting complex international conspiracy investigations, high-risk arrests, small unit tactics, defensive tactics, undercover operations, physical and technical surveillance, physical security systems, intelligence analysis and tactical planning. He is a federally certified firearms and tactical instructor who spent four years as a Primary Firearms Instructor at the FBI/DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia. During that posting, he taught firearms and tactics to several thousand federal agents, state and local law enforcement officers, SWAT team members, military personnel and foreign military and law enforcement counterparts. A recognized authority in law enforcement arrest tactics, he has provided training to police units and tactical teams around the world including, among many, the Israeli General Security Service, the New York City Police Department Emergency Services Unit and the Marine detail assigned to HMX-1, the President’s official helicopter.

Former Special Agent Katz was also the DEA liaison to the Israeli Secret Service, developing a cooperative relationship with their field agents and training staff. In 2000, he provided advanced tactical firearms training to Israeli General Security Agency (Shin Bet) instructors in Israel, and firearms and tactical training to the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Agents and U.S. Marines guarding the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem. Mr. Katz was also invited to observe and participate in training given to Shin Bet security officers, El Al Airline security agents, and operators from elite Israeli counter-terror units.

David’s unique skills and distinguished background have made him a highly sought after security consultant. He has prepared the risk/threat/vulnerability assessments and created the Emergency Response Protocols for more than 100 commercial properties, including many of the most prestigious buildings in New York City. His investigative expertise is in great demand in the private sector and he has conducted and supervised many high profile investigations for many commercial clients and well-known law firms.
David has lectured throughout the world, and provided security and safety training to senior executives and the executive protection personnel of some of the world’s leading corporations. His Active Shooter Training lectures have been widely regarded as the best in the industry.

David Katz is the author of “Executive’s Guide to Personal Security” (Wiley & Sons, Inc.), the author of “Personal Safety While Traveling Abroad on Business” (Loss Prevention Magazine September-October 2003) and approximately 50 articles on emergency planning, personal safety, investigative practice, protective equipment, terrorism and other related topics. Katz is a frequent guest on nationally broadcast television and radio programs including Fox News, CNN, CNBC and others. Mr. Katz holds a Law degree from Hofstra University Law School.

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