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Fire Safety Director

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The position of a Fire Safety Director (FSD) is an integral part of the Fire Department of the City of New York’s (FDNY) strategy to ensure the safety of the occupants of high rise office buildings. Since its adoption in 1973, New York City Local Law 5 has mandated that all Class B office buildings have an FSD in the building at all times during business hours or at any time that the building is occupied by more than 100 persons (other circumstances which require the presence of an FSD may also apply). The FSD is responsible for implementing the building’s Fire Safety Plan in the event of a fire or smoke condition.

The procedure to become an FSD begins with taking a 20 hour course of instruction from a school accredited by the FDNY. Our Training Academy has been accredited to provide this training by the FDNY and offers classes throughout the year (days, evenings & weekend classes available). We are particularly well-known for having the finest instructors in the industry. They are all current/former fire officers each with a strong background in teaching fire and life safety science. Students who have taken the FSD course with other providers has often remarked that our trainers are dynamic, knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals who make the subject matter both interesting, practical and relevant to their future role as a Fire Safety Director.

The Process: Subsequent to successfully passing the FSD course the candidate must apply to take the FDNY touch screen exam at FDNY Headquarters at 9 Metrotech in Brooklyn, NY. The applicant must bring a letter (notarized if not on company letterhead) stating that he or she has been designated as an FSD (or Deputy FSD) on their building’s Fire Safety Plan. The FDNY also requires that applicants have at least three years of relevant experience working in a high rise building as a manager, custodian/engineer or as a member of the fire safety brigade etc. The FDNY also generally recognizes experience as a fire fighter, law enforcement officer, military service member etc. as well. After successfully passing the FDNY exam the applicant may function as an interim FSD while their onsite examination is scheduled. Global also offers an onsite preparation program for applicants conducted in your building using the same fire command station that they will use during their onsite.

Fee: $250.00 per person. This includes all instruction and course materials. In the event that the attendee does not successfully pass the touch screen examination, he or she may take the course a second time at no charge.

We offer private training at your location or our location for groups of 10 or more students. Larger groups will receive a discount based on the headcount.

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