Aug 06

Gun Law Investigations Escalate In Wake Of Recent Tragedies

Gun Violence InvestigationsGun laws have become a very hot topic following recent national tragedies and an uptick in shootings locally this summer as well.  New Yorkers may be interested to know their city laws on the subject rank among some of the Nation’s toughest.  The perplexing result: 85 percent of the guns used in NYC crimes come from upstate or other states.  Statewide, a staggering 68 percent of criminally used guns come from other states.  Comparatively, the rest of the country averages almost the exact opposite; about 70 percent of criminally used guns come from within their own state.

While the intent behind the city’s policies may be progressive and admirable – NYC requires permit renewal every three years, for instance, as opposed to the rest of the state.  After all, a background check passed initially, doesn’t mean the individual hasn’t accrued a felony in the decade since obtaining their firearm.   However, statistically speaking, stricter gun laws aren’t preventing a steady influx of guns into the hands of ill-intended criminals.  Global Security Group trains armed guards on the proper and safe use of guns and believes there is a greater issue at stake in a world increasingly ridden with horror stories like that in Aurora, Co recently.  Just last week, 5 people were shot at a basketball game in Harlem’s infamous Rucker Park.  The week before, a 17 year-old in the Bronx admittedly fired shots during a charity basketball game, killing a 4 year-old boy in the adjacent playground.

Unfortunately, armed criminals do not seem to be deterred by stricter gun laws.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives inspected 8,793 guns confiscated in New York in 2011 and found that a mere 1,595 of them were purchased in the state.

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