Jul 25

Investigations Indicate an Upswing in Infectious Hotel Internet Connections

FBI Computer InvestigationsGlobal Security Group warns of FBI’s recent findings confirming a rise in malicious software targeting travelers using hotel internet connections while abroad. Typically, individuals are presented a pop-up window as they establish hotel internet connections. The pop-up suggests seemingly routine software updates that, upon being clicked, install malicious software on the user’s laptop. Specific hotel chains were not pinpointed by the FBI or other government agencies confirming these threats. And since no particular software has been singled out, Global Security Group warns anyone traveling, particularly abroad, to take precautions when using hotel internet connections.

The best fraud prevention is to install any necessary software updates prior to travel. Also, if traveling extensively and software updates do become necessary, it is best practice to download updates directly from the software vendor’s website. “It’s never a bad idea of course,” adds GSG President Mark Novak, “to back up your data prior to travel.” Checking the digital certificate to ensure it corresponds with the particular software vendor can also help rule out malware. GSG’s increasing Fire Safety presence in New York area hotels is at three dozen sites and rising and the company warns clients and visitors alike of these increasing threats.

According to Trustwave’s research arm, hotels are prime targets for those looking to steal financial data. In a study of 200 financial data breach cases, 38% were reported to have occurred in resorts or hotels. Travelers who suspect they have been targeted while traveling are encouraged to contact their local FBI office and report the incident to www.IC3.gov.




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