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Film Set Security Services

Film Set Security Services

film set securityGlobal Security Group, Inc. (GSG) is a premier provider of a variety of services to the entertainment industry. Prior to filming our specialists will walk through each site with production personnel. We will prepare an assessment of the site with respect to both security and life safety and identify any particular concerns with respect to the neighborhood of each location. This will allow the most cost effective solutions to be identified. Our senior managers are all former senior law enforcement officers and will liaison with the local precinct and the NYPD Movie & TV Unit prior to and during the filming. We are also available to assist your staff with applying for and obtaining all necessary permits if that service is required.

Providing security to the entertainment industry is far more than simply assigning guards, roping off areas and arranging for secure transportation. It requires an understanding of the culture, an appreciation of who the performers are, what they do on a day to day basis and, most importantly, what level of service they expect.

Our security team has worked on the sets of major motion pictures, television shows and made for TV movies and commercial shoots. Once we are engaged, we will secure the set, control access, manage the flow of traffic and coordinate the arrival of talent. With respect to celebrity protection, we have a great deal of experience in providing protection and secure transport for the entertainment industry and our protective personnel has provided such services for dozens of Hollywood’s “A” list actors, international film stars and directors (domestically and abroad). We have managed premiers, openings and major events and are also the exclusive provider of security services for the Tribeca Film Festival. Please see our informational page entitled “Celebrity Protection Services” for more information.

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