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Monitoring of Criminal Defendants under Home Detention

Monitoring of Criminal Defendants under Home Detention

monitor criminal defendants ankle braceletIncreasingly common option that allows a defendant to petition the court to consider such supervision as an alternative to pre-trial detention. In certain cases, subject to the approval of the court, a defendant can hire a firm to monitor their activities on a 24 hour a day basis (the firm selected must first be vetted by the Office of the United States Attorney). The defendant will also be required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet (also known as a “scram” or “house arrest” bracelet) that is monitored at all times by federal law enforcement officers. This type of home supervision can satisfy the concerns of the government (risk of flight, witness tampering, removal of assets/funds, improper communication to other defendants or witnesses etc.) while allowing the defendant to remain in their own residence pending trial. Global Security Group, Inc. is an approved firm with actual experience in monitoring defendants facing charges in the federal judicial system. These services include:

  • Home detention of defendants by armed current/former law enforcement officers.
  • Escort of defendant by armed officers as directed by the court.
  • Electronic monitoring
  • 24/7 real-time remote monitoring/recording of the defendant’s phone calls. (Privileged conversations neither recorded nor monitored.)
  • Daily remote monitoring of defendant’s computer access and usage.
  • Daily monitoring of defendant’s bank accounts as ordered by the court.

Global Security Group, Inc. is a national firm with the ability to provide these services in any judicial district. Global can also provide these services to defendants in state court subject to the determination of the judiciary in the locality in question.

To learn more about defendant monitoring house arrest services please call 212-285-2400 for assistance.