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Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training

active shooter trainingAccording to the FBI active shooter incidents are on the rise and New York City Law now requires owners and managers of commercial office buildings to incorporate Active Shooter Training for tenants and staff as part of their Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans.

Global Security Group, Inc. is uniquely suited to assist owners of commercial properties and other companies comply with these new requirements and with all their fire safety and security needs. For over 20 years global security group’s team of former US federal agents and NYPD officers have provided active shooter training to corporate and law enforcement clients in the US and around the world and our staff of former senior officers from the New York City Fire Department has provided Fire Safety Training to thousands in New York City and throughout the united states. This combined level of law enforcement and fire department expertise is unmatched by any other firm in the industry.

Active Shooter Training – Corporate Training and Commercial Office Buildings

Active Shooter incidents have occurred in office buildings, malls, hotels, hospitals, schools and many other venues. According to the FBI, these incidents are on the rise and they are recommending that employees and tenants of these kinds of facilities receive training in what to do in the event of an Active Shooter event. GSG provides a variety of related services including:

  • Complies with Local Law 26 Requirements for Mandatory Active Shooter Response Training
    • Responding to an Active Shooter
    • Avoid-Barricade-Confront
  • Deciding How and When to implement the Avoid, Barricade, or Confront protocols
  • Preparation of Active Shooter Responses Plans
  • Onsite identification of protected relocation areas.
  • Staff training
  • Onsite drills for employees, tenants, staff
  • Improvised Weapons

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