Methodology of Executive Protection

Methodology of Executive Protection

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This two-day seminar will introduce participants to unique and up-to-date security methods and techniques for establishing or enhancing your executive protection program. This professional course is based on real-life experience and taught by practitioners who managed and directed complex security operations for the US Government, the Israeli General Security Agency and the New York City Police Department. The course is ideal for Corporate Security Directors, Law Enforcement Officers assigned to Protective Details, Executive Protection Specialists and persons considering a career as an EXP professional. The class will consist of both classroom presentation and practical exercise.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn to Plan, Implement and Operate an Integrated Protection Plan
  • Apply Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis
  • Learn Advance Procedures in Protective Operations
  • Participate in Exercises as Protective Specialists and Principals
  • Address office and Residential Security
  • Domestic and International Travel
  • Learn The Importance of Proper Etiquette
  • Get Familiar with Cutting Edge Protective Technology

Who Should Attend

  • Corporate security directors
  • Professionals with an interest in protective services
  • Those who would like to develop new career as executive protection specialist


executive protection seminarThe fundamentals of executive protection: Learn about the mind-set that drives both the protection specialist and a professional protection program. Understand the difference between a “bodyguard” and a “protective specialist.”

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis: These are the foundation of all protective efforts. You’ll come away with the risk assessment skills and the judgment needed to gauge the level of vulnerability in any situation. You will learn the importance of analyzing data and intelligence and examining various levels of threats and responses by using a threat assessment model.

executive protection training checklistPrepare For an Assignment: A practical approach to the advance survey, pre-departure preparations, and the utilization of the advance checklist.

Protective operation: Focus on protective principals and explore up-to-date concepts. Operational embarking and disembarking, motorcade planning & operation, vehicle escort procedures, dignitary and executive stalkers.

Transportation Security: Learn how to select the right route and vehicle. Learn security practices necessary for travel via commercial and private aircraft. Apply security principles to travel on public transportation and learn defensive driving and vehicle safety techniques.

Office and Residential Security: Pre-attack preparations followed by an actual attack will most likely occur at the principal’s home or office. Learn to examine and develop strategies to thwart those efforts using safe rooms, technology, barriers, exterior perimeter controls, and security personnel.

Domestic and International Travel: Learn the fundamentals and the nuances of domestic and international travel security including pre-travel planning, coordination, communication, air travel and hotel security, street smart attitude, pattern of crime against travelers, counter-surveillance and kidnapping prevention.

Proper Etiquette: This segment will discuss and demonstrate the challenges in the executive protection line of work. Also, it will cover the important skills required to become a successful professional including teamwork and the required attitude, demeanor, and mindset.

Hiring Executive Protection Specialists: Learn how to identify a professional security specialist, verify credentials and examine training.

Technology and Equipment: Examine the bullet-resistant vehicle, body armor and tracking devices.

Law Enforcement Liaison: How to enlist the assistance of law enforcement and/or work with agents and officers to enhance the level of safety of your clients.

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