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Firearms Training Simulator

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The laws governing the use of deadly force are taught in every law enforcement academy. The relevant statutes are explained and case law is examined. While a student sitting through such a class may leave with an understanding of the letter of the law, a classroom presentation alone can never convey an understanding of the intense stress that accompanies a violent physical encounter. In the real world, such encounters can happen suddenly and with little or no warning. They will likely occur in low-light conditions and may involve multiple assailants. You will have seconds to identify the threat and make the determination whether to or not to fire. Under the stress of combat, marksmanship skills and cognitive ability will be diminished. The only way to properly prepare for a violent confrontation is by introducing the element of stress into training. This is best accomplished through the use of scenario based exercises and is why many federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and specialized military units use electronic simulators to train their personnel. This same training is now being offered to the students of John Jay.

Scenario Based Firearms Training With The Meggitt XVT Simulator

This course will feature the Meggitt XVT Firearms Training Simulator and all participants will have the opportunity to use the system and experience the stress of combat. It is scenario based and uses a Glock pistol that has been permanently and irrevocably altered to fire a laser pulse that is “read” by the system (legal under NY law). Students will experience recoil and hear gunshots in this realistic but safe environment. It is as close to participating in a real gunfight as you can get without being in one. If the student fires during a scenario, he or she will be required to apply the law to justify their actions.

Taught by a former primary firearms instructor at the FBI/DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia, the trainee will learn to develop the combat mindset. The program will require the student to make “shoot or no-shoot” decisions under stress. They will be coached by the same instructors that taught literally thousands of federal agents and police officers.

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