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Judgment Shooting and the Use of Deadly Physical Force

Judgment Shooting and the Use of Deadly Physical Force

Defensive Shooting Program: Critical Decision Making and the Use of Deadly Force with The Meggitt Firearms Training Simulator

Global Security Group, Inc. (GSG) is a premier provider of a number of specialized tactical training programs and is  the only firm in New York City with the latest model of the Meggitt Firearms Training Simulator. This state of the art  system is used by law enforcement agencies and specialized military units throughout the world in order to evaluate  the ability of their personnel to react during a deadly force encounter. Learning the basic skills of marksmanship is  not enough and being a “good shot” on the range does not guarantee you will be able to use a firearm effectively in a fight. Understanding the laws regarding the use of deadly force in a classroom is quite different from being able to apply those laws during the stress of armed combat. Our program will teach you those essential combat skills by  allowing you to experience the intensity of an actual deadly force encounter in a safe training environment.

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The Meggitt system utilizes a live weapon that has been permanently and irrevocably altered to fire a laser pulse read by the system. The weapon will recoil and produce audible gunshots but no projectiles are fired. Because these training weapons do not meet the definition of a firearm under New York law they may be used legally and safely by all without the necessity of obtaining a NYS Pistol License (GSG, however, reserves the right to screen participants). To watch a demonstration of the system by following the link below:

Instruction will be provided by a former Senior Special Agent and primary firearms instructor (PFI) of the DEA/FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Participants will be familiarized with the system and will go through a number of different scenarios that will require making a split second decision whether or not to use deadly force. Shooters will need to react to the threat, use cover and give clear and concise verbal commands where appropriate. If the decision to fire is made, the shooter must fire accurately to terminate the threat and ensure no innocent bystanders are  harmed. After the scenario is completed the participant will be able to review his or her performance in order to identify any mistakes that were made and learn from them. It is as close to real-life as it gets and is one of the most effective ways to train to use a firearm in self-defense.

Program Packages

Training is available for groups and individuals on an hourly basis. Packages are good for three (3) years from the date they were purchased and may be used on a per hour basis. Participants will be given as much or little training as is necessary given the experience of the student. A complimentary thirty minute instructional/operational briefing  will be provided at no charge prior to the start of the initial session.

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