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8 Hour Security Guard Training – Pre-Assignment

8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards

Upcoming 8 Hour Security Guard Training Dates

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October 28th 9am-5pm firearms training
Private group classes for 6-25 students Choose a Date and Time contact global security group
Price: $65.00 per person

This is the first course that must be completed  prior to submitting the application to be registered as a licensed security guard.  The 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course for Security Guards is a general introductory course and covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction (1/4 hour) Provides an overview of the Security Guard Act of 1992, Chapter 336, and explains the objectives of the course.
  2. Role of a Security Guard (1 1/4 hours) Provides an overview of the security industry and defines duties typically performed.
  3. Legal Powers and Limitations (2 hours) Defines the differences between security guards and law enforcement officials and explains custody and arrests procedures.
  4. Emergency Situations (1 hour) Provides an overview of different types of emergencies and methods of response.
  5. Communications and Public Relations Explains the communication process and identifies how perceptions affect interactions.
  6. Access Control (1/2 hour) Identifies the elements of access control and identification and defines three types of access control.
  7. Ethics and Conduct (1 hour) Defines and explains the importance of the Code of Ethics for Security Guards.
  8. Review and Examination (1 hour)

security guard 8 hour pre assignmentUpon successful completion of this course the student will be issued a certificate that must be submitted along with the security guards registration application. Once the application is submitted the guard has 90 days to complete the second training course.

Why Choose Security Global Security Group?

A number of other schools are approved to teach the 8 Hour Security Guard Training Pre-Assignment courses so why choose GSG?  Quite simply it is our level of instruction.  Our school director was an instructor at the DEA/FBI Academy located in Quantico, Virginia and all of our training personnel are professionals.  Even if other schools offer lower fees, their instructors cannot match the quality of Global Security Group’s instructors. Our training facility is conveniently located in midtown New York across the street from Penn Station and easily accessible by multiple trains and buses.

contact global security groupPlease contact us for more information.