Most active shooter incidents are over before the police arrive.  This sobering statistic provides the best reason to provide active shooter response training to your staff; it will take law enforcement time to arrive at the scene and even longer for emergency medical personnel to arrive and begin to render aid.  In New York City, specially trained teams of fire department EMTs, equipped with body armor and helmets, will enter the scene of an active shooter event with police in order to provide first aid for the wounded.  However, even this proactive measure is not widely available in New York City and are non-extent elsewhere.  Learning the basic techniques to control bleeding is critical to prevent loss of life pending the arrival of medical personnel. This program includes:


  • Safety Assessment / Scene Safety
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens / Body Substance Isolation (BSI)
  •   Initial Assessment
  • A-B-C (Airway, Breathing, Circulation)
  • Wound Assessment
  • Bleeding Control A-B-C (Alert, Bleeding, Compression)
  • Quick Clot Packing
  • Application of Direct Pressure
  • Use of Tourniquets
  • Use of Chest Seals
  • Equipment Selection & Deployment
  • Improvised Equipment

This course may be offered as a classroom lecture or a practical exercise.  Please contact us for further details at (212) 285-2400 or at