An active shooter emergency situation is becoming an increasingly common threat in the United States, with incidents taking place in clubs and bars, universities, public schools, and places of worship every year.

ALICE drills were created in response to this crisis. ALICE is an acronym that helps people who are facing an active shooter to remember exactly how to respond in order to save as many lives as possible.

What Is an ALICE Drill?

An ALICE drill, also known as an active shooter drill or lockdown drill, is a type of emergency preparedness exercise that is designed to train individuals on how to respond in the event of an active shooter or violent intruder situation.

The goal of an Alice drill is to minimize the risk of harm and save lives by preparing participants to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency situation. This training is often done by creating simulations and role-playing exercises in addition to other training methods.

What Does ALICE stand for?

The acronym ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. These are the five key steps that people are advised to take during an active shooter or violent intruder situation:

  • Alert: “If you see something, say something,” is the first piece of advice, reminding people that anything that seems off or a potential threat should be reported to the authorities, especially if it could possibly indicate an active shooter or violent intruder situation is unfolding.
  • Lockdown: Should an active shooter be identified, the first response should be to quickly find shelter in a safe location, lock and barricade doors, turn off lights, and remain silent to avoid detection.
  • Inform: If possible to do so safely, the next goal is to inform others in the area and local authorities that an active shooter is present. Text messages are recommended since they are quiet, but making a 911 call may also be an option depending on the proximity of the active shooter.
  • Counter: If someone is seen by an active shooter, they will need to take action to protect themselves. Throwing objects, improvising weapons, or physically confronting the attacker may be necessary.
  • Evacuate: When and if it is safe to do so, anyone in the vicinity of an active shooter should evacuate the premises quietly and carefully, according to pre-planned evacuation routes.

What Organizations Would Benefit From ALICE Drills?

Any organization could potentially fall victim to an active shooter, but some of the most common places where these incidents have occurred in the past include the following:

  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Corporations and businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Community organizations

How Do I Set Up an ALICE Drill for My Organization?

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