Corporate Security Training

Global Security Group, Inc. (GSG) is the nation’s leading provider of corporate Active Shooter Training programs. Our team of former US federal agents and senior NYPD officers has trained hundreds of corporate clients across the country.
“Executive Travel Safety & Personal Security” is a program detailing the measures needed to help ensure the safety of America’s executives and corporate employees as they operate in the global marketplace.
Even the best access control & camera monitoring systems cannot take the place of the "human element" when it comes to security. This program teaches corporate employees the basics of maintaining a safe work environment through awareness.
The mail carrier or the delivery person working or FedEx, UPS or other parcel service is often an unwitting participant used by attackers to deliver an explosive device or toxic material. Our program teaches lay persons how to recognize the warning signs associated with dangerous mail and packages and the actions to take in the event such a package is discovered.



Each year commercial espionage strikes thousands of US businesses. In terms of financial loss, the damage is estimated by some experts to be between 500 billion to 750 billion dollars USD per annum. This program will teach your employees how to protect IP and other sensitive corporate information.

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