Counter-Commercial Espionage & Protecting Intellectual Property

Each year commercial espionage strikes thousands of US businesses. In terms of financial loss, the damage, though impossible to precisely estimate, is thought by some experts to be between 500 billion to 750 billion dollars USD per annum. The damage to national security may be even harder to gauge.


Who is gathering this information? The collectors are competitors, criminals and foreign intelligence agencies. Professionals and amateurs. They operate using both aggressive and non-aggressive measures and their efforts are often often not detected until it is too late. They seek anything which may offer a competitive advantage and many times the most serious damage is caused by the acquisition of information thought by the victim to be inconsequential. 


Commercial espionage cannot always be prevented but its scope and effect can be limited through education and basic adherence to security protocols. This webinar will cover the elements that must be included in any counter-espionage program.


  • Identifying IP and targeted information
  • The cost of IP loss
  • Evaluation & Classification
  • Who are the Collectors?
  • Methods of Collection
  • Behavior Modification
  • Protecting IP while Traveling
  • Secure Communications
  • Securing the Network
  • Compromising Personnel Information

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