Creating a Culture of Security Awareness

Private sector companies generally gauge their level of security preparedness by the technology they employ.  Access control and video monitoring systems, firewalls and alarms are often the only measures taken by a firm with respect to security.  These steps are important to be sure but they do not replace the immeasurable benefit of a workforce trained in techniques of basic security awareness. Teaching your employees the warning signs of workplace violence is the first step toward preventing such acts. Learning how to detect the presence of surveillance may prevent attacks against individuals and theft of property.  An alert and well-trained employee will be able to spot suspicious mail before it is opened,  detect the presence a possible explosive device, know how to handle a bomb threat in addition to understanding how to recognize and prevent a number of other dangers to life and property.  This course is designed to teach your employees the basic elements of security awareness that form the bulwark against harm to your business and your employees. Topics covered by this program include:

  • Awareness Training
  • Target Recognition
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Warning Signs of Workplace Violence
  • Handling Suspicious Mail / Packages
  • Bomb Threats
  • Commercial Espionage Awareness & Protecting IP
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