Executive Travel Safety

“Executive Travel Safety & Personal Security” is a program detailing the measures that must be taken to help ensure the safety of America’s executives and corporate employees as they operate in the global marketplace. The current world political situation has made doing business a great deal harder and certainly more dangerous and the the d angers posed by the local criminal element, natural disasters, medical emergencies and in-country transportation continue to pose security and life safety challenges to Americans travelling abroad. To meet these challenges, business travelers need to be taught the basic security techniques familiar to government operatives but little known in the corporate world. Topics covered in this course include:


  • Awareness Training/Target Recognition
  • Counter-Surveillance Techniques
  • Airline Travel Safety
  • Hotel and Room Selection
  • Vehicle Safety & Selection of Rental Cars
  • Principles of Route Selection
  • Terrorism
  • Local Criminal Threats
  • Avoiding Predictable Patterns of Behavior
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Crimes Against Women
  • Mitigating Kidnap Risks
  • Surviving a Hijacking
  • Commercial Espionage/ Protecting IP
  • Corporate Liability Issues

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