Fire & Life Safety Director Onsite Exam Prep

T-89/F-89 Certificate of Fitness




Ace Your Fire Life Safety Director (F-89/T-89) Onsite Exam with Expert Training from Global Security Group

Are you a Fire Life Safety Director candidate gearing up for the challenge? Your success depends on mastering critical building systems, fire protection systems, Building Information Cards, and the FDNY plan tailored to your building. At Global Security Group, we're your partners in achieving excellence.


Our comprehensive training covers various scenarios, from fire emergencies to building impairments. As a candidate, you'll be rigorously tested on your proficiency in handling fire and non-fire incidents, including active shooter events. We prioritize practical skills, ensuring you can effectively train staff members in fire safety and active shooter response.


The Onsite Exam comprises 11 sections, including General Building Knowledge, Fire Scenarios, and Non-Fire Components. Our expert instructors, often active or former FDNY members, bring real-world insights to your preparation. Take advantage of our onsite preparation class conducted at your building, designed to elevate your expertise and confidence.


Trust Global Security Group for unparalleled training that aligns with the specific requirements of the Fire Life Safety Director Exam. Propel your career forward with knowledge, skills, and the assurance of success.


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