Duration: Three weeks

Venue: Classroom and range

Prerequisite: Current firearms instructor or highly qualified instructor candidates.

An effective firearms instructor must possess exceptional ability in the handling of the weapons with which he or she is going to train people. Of equal importance, however, is the ability to teach. This critical element is often lacking among firearms instructors. This program, therefore, will not only cover all of the material in each of the tactical shooting programs above, it will also emphasize methods of instruction, diagnosing common shooting errors, preparation of instructional materials and oral presentation. The mark of a good firearms instructor is not they can shoot well themselves it is how well they can teach others to do the same.  Our curriculum goes well beyond the firearms instructor program of both the DEA and FBI.

NOTE: A high level of shooting ability is required to pass this course. We will provide several qualification courses to your department that may be administered in-house by your firearms staff. We rely on the representation of your department that prospective attendees have achieved the minimum scores prior to attending this class.

Please contact us at 212-285-2400 or info@globalsecuritygroup.com for more information.