Firearms Training

This course is designed for the novice shooter or for individuals wishing to review shooting fundamentals from the ground up.  This program is similar to the introductary classes given to basic agents and police officers, stressing basic marksmanship techniques.

There is a dramatic difference between using a firearm on the range and using it in a tactical situation. This course will teach the shooter the use of a firearm in combat.

This course includes a review and a more detailed instruction of all previously taught techniques as well as greater emphasis on speed, accuracy and shooting on the move.

This course will teach how to quickly apply the laws concerning deadly during a violent confrontation using the Meggitt XVT syste. which uses actual weapons that have been permanently altered to fire  laser pulses only.  Local law will be strictly adhered to. 

This course will cover the fundamentals of shotgun use in tactical situations.  Training will focus on managing recoil, tactical reloading, firing accurately in tactical situations and transition to the handgun. 

This course will cover the fundamentals of sub-machine gun use and will cover all aspects of using the SMG in a tactical situation. 

This course will cover the fundamentals of using a carbine in a tactical siuation.

Delivering accurate shots in an urban environment is often a difficult task.  This program will focus on the challenges faced by the urban sniper such as shooting through windows, high angle shots etc. 

This course is focused on the unique job specific skills required by Executive Protection Specialists.  This dynamic program combines our tactical shooting program with the basic techniques needed by those seeking a career in executive protection.

Each year many otherwise qualified candidates are lost to the agencies that hired them as a result of their failure to qualify with their service weapons. This course takes each remedial shooter back to the basics, where deficiencies are noted and corrected.

This program will not only cover all of the material in each of the shooting programs above, it will also emphasize methods of instruction, diagnosing common shooting errors, preparation of instructional materials and oral presentation.

This program is taught by a former senior special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration who created the lesson plan used to teach thousands of special agents, police officers, SWAT teams and specialized military units. 

This program is geared to the security professional with the need to gain proficiency in building entry and search techniques.  This program is most effective when taken by multiple members of the same security team.

Active Shooter incidents develop quickly and are generally of short duration. The response by law enforcement must be rapid and entry onto the scene must be dynamic. This requires a high level of tactical shooting not taught to most front-line police officers.

Stopping a vehicle is a challenging and often dangerous task. This program will teach participants then most effective ways to stop or assault a vehicle under a variety of different tactical situations.

Global Security Group's Tactical Shooting program is unrivaled.  All of our trainers were among the best and most well-respected tactical shooting instructors at the DEA FBI Academy at Quantico, the most prestigious law enforcement academy in the world.  All are professional instructors; the Methods of Instruction course (MOI) was mandatory to all instructors assigned to Quantico and all have been teaching law enforcement officers for  nearly three decades.  Our firearms staff members have trained thousands of federal agents, state and local police officers, military special operations teams, SWAT Teams and foreign counterparts and all have cross-trained with, among others, the following tactical teams:

  • LA County Sheriff's Department. SWAT
  • FBI hostage Rescue Team
  • U.S. Navy Seals (multiple teams)
  • US Army Delta Force
  • Israeli General Security Service
  • German GSG 9
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