Election Investigations

Every new election cycle seems fraught with greater numbers of voter fraud cases. Often, these instances of fraud and other violations of the election laws result in litigation. Nominating petitions are challenged and the results of primaries and general elections are contested in court. The outcomes of many elections are decided by the judiciary long after the ballots have been cast.

Global Security Group, Inc. (GSG) is one of the few firms with a considerable amount of experience in conducting investigations related to election matters. In fact, the first election investigation conducted by our more than ten years ago changed the course of a hotly contest race in New York State. The candidate in question won by a scant eighteen vote margin after GSG investigators identified twenty-five ballots that had been fraudulently cast providing the margin of victory. In another case, GSG determined that all eight hundred signatures on a nominating petition had been forged. In yet another, GSG forensic accountants provided evidence relied on by the New York State Supreme Court while making a landmark ruling with respect to campaign contributions. Few firms, if any, can match the number of election matters we have handled successfully.

GSG investigators have provided services to both major parties as well as a number of minor ones. Our services are provided discretely and professionally and our level of expertise in this highly specialized field is unmatched by other investigative firms.

Please contact us for assistance with your concerns about an election investigation.