Duration: 1 day

Venue: Classroom and range

Prerequisite: None (Subject to All Federal, State & Local Laws)

Required equipment: Semi-automatic pistol, strong side hip holster, 4 magazines, magazine pouch (worn on support side) and 150 rounds of ammunition.

This course is designed for the novice shooter or for individuals wishing to review shooting fundamentals from the ground up.  This program is similar to the introductory classes given to basic agents and police officers.  Topics will include:

    • Handling a Firearm Safely
    • Securing Weapons at Home
    • Use of Force
    • Nomenclature
    • Cleaning & Maintenance
    • How to Set up Holster & Magazine Pouches
    • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
    • Sight Alignment / Sight Picture
    • Grip, Stance & Draw
    • Presenting the Weapon (The Press)
    • Universal Cover Mode
    • Breathing
    • Trigger Press
    • Trigger Reset
    • Follow Through
    • Single Shot Drill
    • Recoil Control
    • Multiple Shot Drill
    • Administrative Reload
    • Lockback Reload
    • Press Check
    • Clearing Stage 1 Malfunction (Tap, Rack, Target)
    • Safely Unloading the Pistol

Please contact us at 212-285-2400 or info@globalsecuritygroup.com for more information.