Duration: One day

Venue: Classroom

Prerequisite: None:  This program utilizes actual weapons that have been permanently altered to fire  laser pulses only, rendering them legal for use by anyone.  Local law will be strictly adhered to. 

Required equipment: None.  All equipment will be provided by GSG.  Students are permitted to use their own holster upon approval by the instructor.

Many law enforcement officers, protection specialists or members of the military are familiar with the Firearms Training Simulator (F.A.T.S.) system.  The most current version of this technology is the Meggitt XVT system and it is the one used by Global Security Group.  Our in-house program will allow the trainee to combine firearms proficiency, tactics and verbal commands during interactive electronically simulated scenarios.  During these simulated situations the participant will be required to demonstrate appropriate judgement in the use of their weapons.  Much of the discussion will stress how a proper tactical approach can often prevent a situation from escalating to the point where deadly force becomes necessary.  Taught by  a former primary tactical firearms instructor at the FBI/DEA academy it is a unique opportunity to receive the same type of training given to the most elite law enforcement units in the world.

Class size is STRICTLY limited to eight (8) participants.  On-site training is available anywhere in the world subject to the requirements of local law. ITAR applies with all training OCONUS.

Please contact us at 212-285-2400 or info@globalsecuritygroup.com for more information.