NEW YORK (CBS) With bullets spraying into the open field, survivors of the Las Vegas massacre say they had nowhere to hide. It felt like the shooter was hunting them down.

"I mean, it stopped for like seconds and then it would start shooting again," witness Nicole Sailers said. "And you're open in the middle of the field. Like there's nowhere to go."

Security expert David Katz of the Global Security Group says in a case like Las Vegas, the first step is to locate the direction of the shots.

"You don't run straight away from the shooter because the shots are going to chase you. So you try to get between something that's going to stop the bullet if it's coming in your direction," Katz explained.

In daylight, the littered concert grounds give a sense of the panic when people dropped their belongings and stampeded for the exits.

Reporter: If you're walking in a crowded area like Times Square and someone opens fire, how do you protect yourself?
David Katz: That's a great question and it's a very difficult question.

Katz says the key is to get out of the shooter's view, which could mean running toward the gunfire.

"If the shooter's in this direction, you run toward the building. He can't shoot straight down at you, so you're safer," Katz said.

If you're indoors, confronting the shooter should be a last resort. Try to escape or find a hiding place where you can blockade the door.

"Avoid, barricade, confront," Katz said.

Experts say as with all emergencies, call 911 as soon as you can. And try to stay calm.

Posted: CBS
Date: October 4, 2017
Time: 6:40PM