Celebrity Protection

Providing close protection for persons in the entertainment industry is a highly specialized service. A close protection specialist is far more than a bodyguard; more than simply a large, physically capable person, hired to walk beside a well-known actor. Protective specialists understand that nothing can be done absent careful planning, which begins with a complete assessment of the client's individual needs and requirements. Protective agents are responsible for far more than just the physical safety of those they protect. A fully comprehensive protection program also must include protecting the overall health and reputation of the client and any family members or significant others the client wishes to include under the protective umbrella.

Protection specialists are proactive rather than reactive. Nothing is done haphazardly, every event is carefully planned, logistics are considered and all possible contingencies prepared for. It is truly a specialized service, and within the protective industry no assignment requires the attention of trained professionals as much as providing security to celebrities from the entertainment world. Just as the corporate culture requires its own approach to security, the entertainment industry has its own cultural imperatives. Entertainers are artists. They are always in the public eye, they capture the imagination of millions of fans and their daily schedule is dynamic, hectic and fast paced. Such individuals are best served by protection specialists familiar with the demands of the celebrity lifestyle.

Global’s Protective Services Division has provided close protection to dozens of “A” list actors/actresses and celebrity recording artists. Their expertise is extensive. They have protected the physical safety and reputation of celebrity clients and have coordinated the security planning and execution at events with tens of thousands of people. They have dealt with stalkers, overzealous fans and demanding production schedules with the utmost discretion and respect for the privacy of those for whom they have worked. Senior management personally oversees each detail and under their direction, Global provides a level of protective services to the entertainment industry that cannot be obtained from other providers; they simply lack the real-world experience.

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