Female Protection Specialists

In recent months, Global Security Group, Inc has received a number of client requests to provide female close protection officers. Some clients, for religious or cultural reasons, prefer having female agents provide close protection to the female members of their family and their minor children. Others individuals have expressed the desire utilize female officers in certain situations in order to project a less obvious or intimidating presence. In some instances, clients have asked for female protective agents that could provide security in an undercover capacity while appearing to be a dinner guest or companion on the red carpet. In response we have assembled a group of experienced and extraordinarily capable female agents who are as comfortable providing protection in high-risk areas as they are attending a gala dinner in an evening gown.

Our personnel have protected dignitaries, ambassadors, heads of state and many well-known celebrities. We are confident we can provide the right agents to meet your individual needs. Please contact us for more information (212) 285-2400.

The use of female executive protection specialists allows Global to provide a variety of specialized protective services to our clientele.