Monitoring of Criminal Defendants Under Home Detention

Providing security at special events is an area where our clients benefit from the experience and expertise of our senior personnel.  Our agents are able to provide the highest level of security no matter how large or complicated the event.  GSG has provided security for a major film festival (multiple years), at sporting events, high-risk cultural events, premiers of major films, controversial conferences and political events store openings and other high-profile events.


 Our agents will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive security and life safety survey prior to the event.
  • Obtain necessary permits.
  • Control access to the venue.
  • Install metal detectors, if needed.
  • Manage VIP arrivals and guest list.
  • Post undercover agents and canine detection teams, if needed.
  • Coordinate with local law enforcement.
  • Coordinate with venue managers and security.
  • Coordinate with the protective details of celebrity guests.
  • Provide security for celebrity guests without their own details.
  • Coordinate transportation.
  • Maintain the presence of emergency medical personnel.
  • Prepare and implement emergency response protocols.
  • Coordinate with the press and organize and maintain order in the press area.
  • Secure the event area before the event and during event break-down.

Please contact us at (212) 285-2400 for more information.