New York State Dept. of Criminal Justice Services  Security Guard Licensing Training Programs 

Armed Security Guard

Armed guard applicants must possess a valid pistol license and must complete a 47 Hour Firearms Training Course for Security Guards prior…

The Security Guard Act of 1992 requires registration and training of security guards in New York State. The Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety provides administrative oversight for mandated security training and the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services has oversight responsibility for the registration of all security guards.

The Act requires that all security guards complete three training courses. Armed guards are required to complete two additional training courses. All courses must be conducted at approved training schools, by certified instructors. Global Security Group is an approved school an offers both the unarmed and armed security guard training programs. Our certified instructors are without peer in the industry.

8-Hour Pre Assignment Training Course
16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course
47 Hour Firearms Training Course
No Previous New York State law enforcement training

Required within 90 days of initial employment as a Security Guard

Required prior to applying for a special armed guard registration card
8 hour Annual In-service Training Course

Required Annually

8 Hour Annual In-service for Armed Guards

Required Annually

Many classes of New York State law enforcement can skip the initial training but unless they are active in their respective agencies, they are required to complete annual training. NYC DOCS Correction Officers, Court Clerks, Sheriffs and some Bridge Tunnel Officer Titles are exempt from annual training requirements.

Executive Protection Training

  • Methodology of Executive Protection
  • Executive Travel Safety
  • Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance
  • Commercial Espionage Awareness & Counter-Measures