Any professional business that offers a service to the public benefits from staff and team members that are appropriately trained – and never more so than when it comes to security guards.  Any security guard service worth its weight in salt has taken the time and effort to ensure that its staff has all been properly trained to execute their duties, as in some cases, those duties could possibly come down to a matter of life and death.

However, not all security guard services are created equal, so it is in your best interest not to assume that the one you are considering has done the due diligence to ensure that their staff is the crème of the crop.  You will need to take the time to do your research, making sure that the employees, whether security guards, security officers, or other such security staff are well versed in their duties and are able and willing to perform them when called.

An example of training security guards may receive based in a more urban area might include what is referred to as soft skills.  When hiring a security guard service, ensure that the staff assigned to you will be trained according to your requirements and needs.  Topics to touch on might include the areas or zone that needs securing, what it is that needs secured if any individuals may need protection, and any and all risk factors that the guards may encounter will need to be considered for proper training.

With that all said, there are specific and necessary forms of training that security services require of their personnel in areas such as:


Just as it sounds, physical training involves those skills that aid in the individual staying fit in case of the need to fight and prevent any form of attack that may prove violent and lead to harm.  Exercises of a physical nature, such as jumping, climbing, running, and many more, are skills that security guards are required to tackle and undertake to ensure they are prepared when the need arises in an emergency.


Unarmed skills are required because physical force is often sufficient enough to defuse most situations.  Unarmed skills encompass such training as fighting techniques that security guards must learn and master to sufficiently apply during any possible time on the job.  With proper training, the guard can utilize skills centered on defense without the additional aid of ammunition or arms, which are vital for use in several situations.


A security guard is not only trained in unarmed skills but must also master the knowledge of various weapons and ammunition they may be called upon to use.  Knowing about the possible weapons an attacker may use allows the security guard to provide the proper amount of protection.  Almost all security guards are required to learn the proper manner to use guns and other such weapons and, after training, become licensed to carry.


Not all the skills needed to provide a reliable security guard service are physical.  There are other forms of training necessary in a variety of skills required.  These skills may include, but are not to be considered limited to, punctuality, discipline, honesty, reliability, communication and reporting skills, constantly being alert to the surroundings, and mastering various gadgets and technologies as they pertain to security.

As you can see, security guard services make it a point to see that the person representing them are professionals in their field and know their job.  These are the fundamental areas that security guards are trained.  However, if you feel that you need a more specialized or diverse service, discuss your needs with the service to ensure that they can provide the proper training to their personnel for your particular needs.  If you are going to consider a security guard agency for yourself or your business, make sure that they provide well-trained personnel and that you will be getting the best possible service possible.

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