About Global Security Group

Global Security Group, Inc. (GSG) was founded in 2001 shortly after attacks of 9/11 with a clear mission; use the knowledge, training and experience of our team of former US Federal Agents and senior officers from the Police and Fire Departments of the City of New York to meet the security and life safety needs of the private sector.


GSG’s Fire & Life Safety Division is managed by Kevin Schamberger and Frank Papalia, two retired officers with the FDNY. Their extensive real-world experience is put to use each day serving the fire & life safety needs of high-rise office buildings, hotels, public assembly venues, residential buildings, houses of worship, manufacturing facilities and retail establishments. It it is because of their exceptional talents that GSG’s Fire & Life Safety Division is widely regarded as the finest in New York City with respect to Local Law compliance and among the finest throughout the world for all Fire & Life Safety issues. Both Kevin and Frank are also principals in our firm.


GSG’s Protective Services Division owes it’s success largely to the management ability of our President & Chief Operating Officer, Mark Novak. A retired Captain with the NYPD, Mark is a practiced hand at organizing security at major events and his experience as the senior officer during high profile events and emergencies while an officer with the NYPD is the reason our firm is unmatched at providing security at large-scale stadium events, film festivals, street fairs and movie production sets.


GSG also maintains a high-end Investigative Services Division which benefits from the management of both Mark Novak and our Chief Executive Officer, David Katz. Mark’s supervisory experience as the Captain of one of New York’s busiest Detective Divisions enables GSG to handle the largest and most expansive investigative assignments. David, a former Senior Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), conducted and coordinated hundreds of extremely complex federal criminal cases both domestically and abroad and structured GSG's investigative practice based upon the standards required by the United States Department of Justice, particularly with respect to our report writing and evidence handling procedures; our investigative practice mirrors those used by the nation's leading federal law enforcement agencies.


Our Consulting Division is uniquely successful as the result of the diverse background of our senior managers. Our knowledge of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement as well as all aspects of Fire & Life Safety and Emergency Management allows GSG to prepare thorough security and life safety assessments that identify areas in need of remediation and offer practical and cost effective solutions to correct noted deficiencies. Assessments are often followed by the creation of comprehensive and user-friendly Emergency Action Plans.  Our plans are noted for for our unique structure which allows the plan to be quickly implemented in the event of an emergency.  In addition, the extensive technical knowledge of our Chief Technology Officer, Gary Gumowitz, further broadens our abilities in this regard. Gary, a former owner of an international telecommunications firm, has an extensive knowledge of current, cutting edge technologies and their application to our industry.


It is our Training Division which is perhaps one area where GSG truly stands alone. Our CEO, David Katz was a former Special Agent Instructor at the DEA/FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia and this experience at what is arguably the most prestigious law enforcement academy in the world has carried over to our training practice. Simply stated, GSG provides the finest and most well received training programs in the industry. Our instructors, veterans of the DEA/FBI Academy and the Academies of the New York City Police and Fire Departments, have unparalleled experience in providing the highest level of training to scores of government agencies. Our law-enforcement and tactical instructors have trained thousands of federal agents, police officers, military specialty units, tactical teams and foreign counterparts. Our fire officers have taught thousands of fire fighters and first responders the skills they need to respond to emergencies in one of the most challenging venues in the world – New York City. They have successfully transitioned into the private sector and have set the gold standard with respect to Security and Life Safety Training.


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