Fire Safety Training

This is the FDNY required 31 hour course for individuals wishing to obtain a Certificate of Fitness as a Fire & Life Safety Director (FLSD).  Click here to learn more about the requirement for becoming an FLSD, the contents of the  course or to register online.

All Fire & Life Safety Directors must pass a comprehensive On-Site Exam given by the FDNY. Our prep sessions, given at your building, prepare Fire & Life safety Directors to pass this exam. Click here for more information on the class or to schedule a class.
The Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course (CSFSM) covers all the FDNY codes and regulations that apply to construction sites. This class is taught by a retired FDNY officer formerly assigned to the High-Rise Unit and will prepare you to take the CSFSM exam at MetroTech. Click here for more information or to register online.

A Fire Safety Coordinator is required in all J-1 shelters and J-2 Shelters with one-way voice communication (Fire Alarm Control Panel). All candidates are required to pass F-80 exam at 9 Metrotech. Our former FDNY instructors will prepare you to pass that exam. Click here to learn more.


Please contact us at (212) 285-2400 or for more information.