Residential Fire and Life Safety Training New York

Global Security Group's Fire & Life Safety Division is without peer in the industry providing a level of service unmatched by other firms.  Our Comprehensive Fire Safety & Emergency Action Plans are written and maintained exclusively by retired senior officers formerly assigned to the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention.  In that capacity, they have reviewed hundreds of plans submitted to the FDNY for acceptance and therefore know exactly what it takes for a plan to be approved in a timely manner. Their expertise is now being put to use serving the fire and life safety needs of the private sector and our consultants have created and maintained plans for hundreds of New York City's most well-known office buildings, hotels and public assembly venues.  Global also provides fire and life safety consulting services and training across the United States and abroad.  All associated training and drills are conducted only by active or retired FDNY Fire Officers holding the following  ranks:


  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Battalion Chief
  • Deputy Chief

All drills are done in person – not via the public address system and their extensive experience as FDNY officers enables our instructors to explain fire safety response in a way that makes sure occupants fully understand what will happen during a fire or non-fire emergency.  If occupants have a question or concern it will be answered by a true, professional firefighter with the FDNY.  Our instructors are flexible in their schedules and can therefore accommodate yours.

GSG also provides the most highly regarded training program for Fire / Life Safety Directors, Construction Site Fire Safety Managers and Fire Safety Coordinator for Shelters. The Fire Emergencies portion of the FDNY required 31 hour certification course is taught by nationally certified fire safety instructors.  The Non-Fire Emergencies section is taught by retired senior officers with the NYPD and Active Shooter & Medical Emergency Preparedness block is taught by a former US Federal Agent and nationally recognized expert in responding to Active Shooter incidents.  Our classroom passing rate is 95% (Fire Emergencies) and nearly 100% (Non-Fire Emergencies and ASMEP). The classroom setting is relaxed and our instructors use real life FDNY and law enforcement experiences, current events, and humor to help students understand key principles.