Fire Safety Director – Certificate of Fitness Requirements

Fire Safety Directors Exam F-58/Z-50
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Notice of Examination – August 10, 2009 (Revised)
Consolidated Fire Safety Director (F-58/Z-50)
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Test Sites:

  • Written tests are conducted at 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY.
  • On-site tests are administered at applicant’s workplace.

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  • Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age. Applicants must have a reasonable
    understanding of the English language and be able to answer satisfactorily such questions
    as may be asked on the examination. Applicants must present two pieces of satisfactory
    identification i.e., driver’s license and passport picture ID. Applicants must have five years of applicable experience in fire prevention, building service equipment or a satisfactory combination. A variance of three years of applicable experience is acceptable.
  • Applicants must satisfactorily complete (attend and pass) a training course for Fire Safety Director given by a school or other organization accredited by the FDNY.
  • Applicants must obtain a passing score of 70% on the Graduation Test given by the
    FDNY accredited school in order to apply for the Written Test.

Application Fees: $25.00. The application fee must be paid on the date of the Written examination. This fee provides for the issuance of a Certificate of Completion upon passing the Written examination and meeting experience requirements. Unsuccessful applicants on the Written examination must pay $25.00 for each subsequent application.

There is a $ 445.00 fee for the On-site test. This fee covers the services rendered by the Fire Department representative in conducting the On-site test, and it is separate from the cost for the Certificate of Fitness.

The certification process is a two-step procedure. The first is the General Qualification for Fire Safety Director given as a written test, and the second is the Specific Qualification for the particular building where the applicant is employed. The application procedures are as follows:

Written Test Application Procedures

  1. Applicants must submit the original FSD School graduation diploma on test day.
  2. Applicants must complete the following forms:
    Application for FSD Certificate of Fitness (blue, scannable form).
    A-20 (general COF application form).
    HR-FSD-2 (blue card).
  3. Applicants must be processed, photographed; and testing fees must be paid prior to taking exam.
  4. Applicants must have employer or previous employer(s) submit to the Fire Department notarized affidavit confirming qualifying experience.

NOTE: Applicants will be given two (2) opportunities to take and pass the written test on the basis of having successfully completed the Fire Safety Director’s course. However, further  applications will be accepted only after the applicant repeats the Fire Safety Director’s course. Call (718) 999-2473 for additional information concerning the written test. The Graduation  Diploma is valid for one year only.

On-Site Test Application Procedures

  • Applicants must have passed the Written Test and obtained a Certificate of Completion.
  • Applicants must submit to the Hi-Rise Unit, a copy of the Fire Safety Plan of the building where they will be tested.
  • Applicants will be permitted to take two (2) On-Site tests on the basis of having passed one written test. However, applications for a second On-site test must be filed within the one-year valid period of the Certificate of Completion. There is also a thirty day (30) waiting period between the first and second On Site tests.
  • After the second failure, applicants must attend FSD school and begin as a new applicant.

A fee of $15.00 applies for a certificate to be renewed from 60 days before to 90 days after the expiration date. An additional $25.00 late fee applies when the renewal is requested after 90 days, but before one (1) year after the expiration date. No Certificate will be renewed if expired for one year after the expiration date. However, if the certificate has expired over two (2) years after the expiration date, applicants must retake the FSD Consolidated Hirise/Hotel-motel course from one of the FDNY-approved schools and pass a new Z-50 written exam. Additionally, applicants will be required to take a new On-site test after a new Certificate of Completion has been issued. A new F-58 certificate will be issued.

NOTE: Holders of expired F-25 certificates must start the certification process by taking the FSD Consolidated Hi-rise/Hotel-motel course from one of the FDNY-approved schools, and taking and passing a new Z-50 written exam. A new On-site must be taken and passed in order to obtain a new F-58 Certificate.

The written test will consist of one hundred (100) multiple choice questions. Applicants must obtain a passing score of at least 70% on the Written Test in order to secure a Certificate of Completion.

Test questions for the written examination include questions regarding the following areas:
1. Fire alarm systems in B and R buildings, including:
     a.  difference between off-line and out-of-service
     b.  fire command functions
2.  Emergency procedures in B and R buildings, including:
     a.  fire emergencies
     b.  non-fire emergencies
3.  Training requirements, including:
     a.  fire brigade
     b.  fire wardens
     c.  evacuation supervisor
     d.  personnel management
     e.  fire drills
4.  Fire suppression systems, including:
     a.  standpipes
     b.  sprinklers
     c.  special extinguishing systems
     d.  hose in B and R buildings
     e.  fire pumps
5.  B and R building systems (HVAC), including:
     a.  electrical (general)
     b.  elevators (general)
     c.  stairs pressurization maintenance
     d.  generators
6.  General knowledge of Rules of the City of New York (RCNY), including:
     a.  Hi/Rise Bulletins
     b,  permits and licenses
     c.  record keeping
     d.  inspections of systems

On-Site Test

The On-Site test consists of a verbal examination and a demonstration of various life safety equipment. All candidates must receive a score of 70% and pass all mandatory life safety questions. Part 1 requires the ability to give and receive orders in the English language; hear spoken words over a telephone (corrective devices acceptable); and possess necessary vision (corrective devices acceptable). Part 2 involves knowledge of how the FSD will train floor wardens, and Fire Emergencies. Part 3 involves sections on fire emergencies and class specific building. In-depth knowledge is required of the location and/or type of elevators, air conditioning and heating systems; sprinkler systems; alarm systems; special extinguishing systems; standpipe systems and stairways, etc. Applicants are advised to be knowledgeable of the execution of the fire safety and evacuation plans filed with the Fire Department. Part 4 involves building and fire based scenarios of situations and a thorough practical demonstration of the Fire Command Station.

FSD School graduation diploma and the FDNY Certificate of Completion are valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. Additionally, the FDNY Certificate of Completion is NOT RENEWABLE.

Result from all On Site Tests will be mailed to applicants and Building Managers or Fire Safety Directors.

Applicants must secure an appointment date for the Fire Safety Director written exam within the one year valid period of the FSD School Graduation diploma, and an appointment date for On-site testing within the one-year valid period of the FDNY Certificate of Completion.

Applicants are strongly advised that the on-site test appointment be requested within the first six (6) months of the one-year valid period of the certificate of completion in order to be entitled to two (2) attempts at the On-site test. Candidates failing their On-Site test will no longer be permitted to maintain their Certificate of Completion and will no longer be permitted perform as Acting FSD.

Applications for new On-site test by the FDNY will be expedited. Applicants are prohibited from being employed by any FDNY- approved Fire Safety Director School for at least four (4) years after taking the F-58/Z-50 CBT exam.

Information and qualification criteria are available at 9 MetroTech Center – C of F Unit, Window #6, First Floor. This information is also available on the FDNY web site.