When considering enlisting security guard services, the one step you do not want to make is hiring on a sudden spur of the moment.  It will be in your best interest to take your time, perform your research, and thoroughly plan out each step within the process.  The first step, above all others, is that you will need to determine the level of services you are looking to obtain.  To properly determine this, you will first need to extensively evaluate your premises and any security risks that may be present.  With this information in mind, we have provided some steps and suggestions for preparation.


As mentioned above, your first step, before you even start contacting services, is the need to evaluate your specific needs.  The evaluation will be a process of looking at the problems in security that currently exist and if the hiring of a security service will work towards alleviating the problems.  You will also get an idea of the amount and type of coverage you will need to be looking for, which with, in turn, aid in setting your overall budget for any service decided upon.


As important as knowing your overall needs regarding security services is researching any available information about the security service you are considering.  Don’t jump at the first service you happen to run across, but look at several different services and compare them against one another.  Do your due diligence, find all the information you can, and ensure that the service is a registered, legitimate business with the required licensing to perform the job you need.  Most security services are not permitted to function without the proper state and local licensing.


Once you have finished your research and feel confident that the company you have decided on will meet your needs, you will then need to reach out to the company and speak to one of its representatives, asking any unanswered questions you may have.  When contacting the company, make sure to take their response time into your overall consideration, along with whether they sounded organized and professional.


While in contact with the company, take the time to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a manager.  An in-person conversation will allow you to more adequately be ablet o express the needs you are looking to have filled along with the expectations you have in mind with the hiring of the company.  In this meeting, there may be questions that the security service representative may ask you, including what your overall budget looks like.  When considering the company, ensure they leave you with a good impression of organization and safety.


Once you hear the service offer, it is time to start negotiating what’s referred to as a bill rate.  The bill rate is the amount agreed upon by both parties that the security service company will bill the client (you) hourly.  Now, the question is, how does the company adequately determine how much the bill rate should be?  They will need to look at the amount and frequency of the services you need, along with the client’s communicated budget, which they will weigh against whether the company is interested in striking a contract.  Before a bill rate can even be considered or discussed, the security services company needs to have a solid perception of the client’s services.  Another factor to be considered in the bill rate is whether the client needs armed or unarmed personnel and any additional equipment that the client may need.


Once you have provided the security services company with all of the job requirements you are looking to contract, you will receive a proposal.  In this proposal, the company will outline the exact services they will provide along with a complete breakdown of your cost.  A professional company will also include statements of all of their insurances and policies in the proposal.

Preparing for the enlistment of security guard services involves many processes.  If you try to stay on top of these processes, you will ensure a smooth transition at a cost that you will both find beneficial.

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