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David S. Katz

Founder and CEO

David S. Katz: Security Expert and CEO of Global Security Group

Meet David S. Katz, the founder and CEO of Global Security Group, Inc., and a former senior Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). With a wealth of experience in complex international conspiracy investigations, high-risk arrests, and tactical training, David is a recognized authority in law enforcement tactics and security.

As a federally certified firearms and tactical instructor, David spent four years at the FBI/DEA Academy, teaching thousands of federal agents, law enforcement officers, SWAT team members, and military personnel. His expertise extends globally, having provided training to prestigious organizations such as the Israeli General Security Service and the New York City Police Department Emergency Services Unit.

During his tenure as the DEA liaison to the Israeli Secret Service, David fostered a cooperative relationship, providing advanced tactical firearms training to Israeli agencies. His unique skills make him a sought-after security consultant, specializing in business continuity, emergency response, crisis management, physical security, and counterterrorism.

David’s investigative prowess has been applied in the private sector, conducting high-profile investigations for commercial clients and law firms. He has authored publications, including “Executive’s Guide to Personal Security,” and is a frequent guest on national TV and radio programs.

As a holder of a Law degree from Hofstra University Law School, David S. Katz continues to be a driving force in security, safety training, and emergency planning.